As I am making final preparations for by speaking engagement in China next week, I realize I forgot to ask my host what their Twitter handle and #Hashtag is for the show. A very normal question in the states, and abroad, but in China that question was a little more tricky than I thought.

Being a very well traveled person, I thought I had heard and seen most anything. But, when I was informed that Twitter is illegal in China, well lets just say that it took me a few minutes to process that information. I mean, most of us here in the U.S. have had some type of disagreement about censorship for some small thing, but never have we had to deal with something this large. It really just made me realize how cut off China really is to much of what is going on around the world, and not by their Great Wall

…but, instead by a simple Firewall blocking citizens from reaching “restricted” websites.

(Way to good of a comparison to pass up…LOL!)

The reason I share this experience is not to start some debate around if this is right or wrong. Rather I wanted to share my question of, how big of an issue is this law going to cause China’s expansion goals in the BPO Contact Center marketplace?

I just am curious how you would grow contact centers in China, when it is an industry that demands multi-channel support, which includes “all” of the social media channels.

So today’s post is both to inform, but also look for ideas for our China contact center friends. So here are the questions:

1. How can a China based contact center work around this major hurdle of not being able to access the major social media channels?

2. Do you believe this hurdle will essentially remove China as a potential major player in the BPO contact center space?

I look forward to your answers and comments on this post!

To Your Success & Prosperity,

Michael C. McMillan